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The following list of barn books has been prepared by the Iowa Barn Foundation.  Many of the books listed below can be purchased through your local independent book seller, Barnes and Noble,, or eBay.  In addition, the Barn Journal Web site has an extensive list of books and articles about barns.

Barn Bibliographies

Cable, C. Adaptive Reuse: Barns. Monticello, Illinois: Vance Bibliographies, April 1982.

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General Works

Arthur, Eric and Witney, Dudley. The Barn: A Vanishing Landmark in North America. Galahad Books, 1988.

Caravan, Jill. American Barns: A Pictorial History. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Courage Books, 1995.

Dregni, Michael, editor, foreword by Roger Welsch. This Old Barn: A Treasury of Family Farm Memories. Stillwater, Minnesota: Voyager Press, Inc., 2002.

Engler, Nick, Renovating Barns, Sheds & Outbuildings. Pownal, Vermont: Storey Books, 2001.

Fitchen, John. The New World Dutch Barn. Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University Press, 2001.

Gabler, William G. Death of the Dream: Classic Minnesota Farmhouses. Afton, Minnesota: Afton Historical Society Press, 1997.

Halberstadt, April. Classic Barns. New York: Michael Friedman Publishing Group Ltd., 2001.

Halberstadt, Hans. American Family Farm. Osceola, Wisconsin: Motorbooks International, 1996.

Harker, Michael P. Harker's Barns. University of Iowa Press, 2003.

Johnson, Curtis B., and Thomas D. Visser. Taking Care of Your Old Barn, (a book on a website), Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, Drawer 33, Montpelier, VT 05633-1201

Larkin, David, Elric Endersby, and Alexander Greenwood. Barn: The Art of a Working Building. Boston, Massachusetts: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1992.

Larkin, David, Elric Endersby, and Alexander Greenwood. Barn Preservation and Adaptation. New York, New York: Universe, 2003.

Larkin, David. The Essential Book of Barns: Discovering the Design, Function, and Form. New York: Universe Publishing, 1995.

Leffingwell, Randy. Barns. St. Paul, Minnesota: MBI Publishing Company, 2001.

Leffingwell, Randy. The American Barn. Osceola, Wisconsin: MBI Publishing Company, 1997.

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Mohr, Nancy L. The Farmhouse: Classic Homesteads of North America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Courage Books, 2002.

Noble, Allen G. and Cleek, Richard K. Geib, M. Margaret, illust. The Old Barn Book; A Field Guide to North American Barns and Other Farm Structures. New Brunswick, New Jersey: Rutgers University Press, 1996.

Plowden, David, The American Barn New York, NY, Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc., 2003.

Rawson, Richard. Old Barn Plans. New York: Bonanza Books, 1979.

Schense, Deb M. Eastern Iowa's Historic Barns and Other Farm Structures: Including the Amana Colonies, Raleigh, NC,, 2006.

Schense, Deb M. Barns Around Iowa: A Sampling of Iowa's Round Barns, Penfield Books 2008.

Sloan, Eric. An Age of Barns. Voyageur Press, 2001.

Soike, Lowell J. Without Right Angles; The Round Barns of Iowa. Iowa State Historical Department, Office of Historical Preservation, Historical Building, 1983.

Sommer, Robin Langley. The Ultimate Book of Historic Barns. Advanced Global Distribution, 2000.

Vlach, John Michael. Barns. W.W. Norton & Company, 2003.

Witzel, Mark Karl. Barns: Styles and Structures. St. Paul, Minnesota. Motorbooks International, 2003.

Iowa-Related Works

Artley, Bob. Book of Farm Chores. Stillwater, Minnesota: Voyageur Press, 2002.

Artley, Bob. Cartoons: From the Newspaper Series Memories of a Former Kid. Ames, Iowa: Iowa State University Press, 1989.

Artley, Bob. Cowtoons; Living with Cows. Stillwater, Minnesota: Voyageur Press, 1996.

Artley, Bob. Living with Pigs. Gretna, Louisiana: Pelican Publishing Company, 2003.

Artley, Bob. Memories of a Former Kid. Stillwater, Minnesota: Voyageur Press, 2002.

Artley, Bob. Seasons on the Farm. Stillwater, Minnesota: Voyageur Press, 2003.

Artley, Bob. Once Upon a Farm. Gretna, Louisiana: Pelican Publishing Company, 2000.

Bennett, Mary. An Iowa Album: a Photographic History, 1860-1920. Iowa City, Iowa: University of Iowa Press, 1990.

Bristol, Larsh k., Curt Maas, Tom Bean, James Blank. Iowa Simply Beautiful. Helena, Montana: American & World Geographic Publishing, 2000.

Foerstner, Abigail. Picturing Utopia, Bertha Shambaugh and the Amana Photographers. Iowa City, Iowa: University of Iowa Press, 2000.

Harker, Michael P. Harker's Barns (Bur Oak Book Series): Visions of an American Icon. University of Iowa Press, 2003.

Henry, Lyell D. Jr. Was this Heaven?: A Self-Portrait of Iowa on Early Postcards. Iowa City, Iowa: University of Iowa Press, 1995.

Loveless, Leslie A. A Bountiful Harvest: The Midwestern Farm Photographs of Pete Wettach 1925-1965. Iowa City, Iowa: University of Iowa Press, 2002.

Orngard, Shellie and Jan Joannides. Renewing the Countryside: Iowa. Ames, Iowa: Sigler Printing and Publishing, 2003.

Playle, Ron. The Iowa State Fair In Vintage Postcards. Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing, 2006.

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