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The Iowa Barn Foundation's county representatives help to promote the preservation of barns, organize the surveying of barns in their counties, encourage membership in the Iowa Barn Foundation, and help with fund raising.  Working with members of the board from each of nine areas of the state, they also help to oversee projects.

Shortly after the Iowa Barn Foundation was launched in 1997, board member, Dr.Neil Harl, agricultural economist at Iowa State University, said, "We need to have county representatives - a representative for each county." And, so the Iowa Barn Foundation started recruiting barn-interested folks to take on those jobs. The board started with folks they knew, like dairyman Joe Lyon, Toledo, now in his eighties and still on the board.

The board learned about county representative candidates from tours, from hearsay, and from notes from interested folks inquiring about the foundation. One man called to offer wood from an old barn he was going to take down. He was talked into restoring the glorious, historic family barn as well as being a county representative.

The county representatives encouraged interest in barns, which they saw vulnerable because of the diminished role of barns on farms. Many of the representatives had grown up working in the family barn, and cared that they were preserved so people today would appreciate their history and their important role in making Iowa the premier agriculture state.

These representatives took calls from county residents inquiring about grants given by the Iowa Barn Foundation. They have looked for interesting barns in their county that might be part of a tour or eligible for a grant.

Then the Iowa Barn Foundation started All-State Barn Tours and then County Barn Tours. The first was orchestrated by Winneshiek and Allamakee representatives, Marlene and Duane Fensterman. They worked tirelessly finding historic barns in northeast Iowa. So many folks attended the tour from Iowa and beyond that they ran out of capons that were being served for lunch. The work of the Fenstermans is enduring. Later the New York Times ran a major story on the barns in that area, and people come from everywhere to see the northeast Iowa barns.

  ⚫ Through the years, county representatives have organized tours in many counties. The Iowa Barn Foundation All-State Barn Tour has become an annual event that folks look forward to enjoying.

  ⚫ Coordinating a county barn tour is one of the roles of county representatives. (This would probably only happen once.)

  ⚫ A county representative is a contact in the county for folks wanting to know about Iowa Barn Foundation barn preservation grants.

  ⚫ The representative is a friend to barns that need to be discovered and preserved.

  ⚫ The representative is a "barn historian" - sending interesting information on historic barns in their county to the foundation and to the Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine.

  ⚫ And, the representative is a recruiter of barn-interested folks encouraging them to get involved with barn preservation.

If a barn in the county has received a grant and is on the All-State Barn Tour, the county representative can assist if any coordination is needed. The Iowa Barn Foundation is twenty years old. Some of our devoted county representatives have "retired" from their duties. The foundation hopes that barn-enthusiastic folks will sign up to replace them. The foundation will help each new recruit, so it's an easy transition. Below is a list of present county representatives. Thus, counties not on this list need representatives.

We hope that you will consider signing up and joining our effort. It's really about being a contact. If you have questions, please call...... A county representative can be proud for contributing to Iowa's history - to America's history. We want to save the barns that remain--buildings built by hard-working Iowans. You can help.

Many of Iowa's 99 counties have representatives to the Iowa Barn Foundation.  We welcome volunteers to represent those counties that do not yet have a representative.

Iowa Barn Foundation County Representatives

Adair: Brian Vandewater, 515-450-8848

Allamakee: Marlene Fenstermann, 563-382-3439,

Appanoose: Richard Stafford, 641-390-0723,; or Richard Stafford II, 641-203-0620,

Audubon: Bob and Janet Nelson, 712-304-5809,

Benton County: Scott Eggink, 319-350-8103,

Blackhawk: Keith Oltrogge, 319-984-5292,

Boone: Steve Rimathe, 515-290-5258,

Bremer: Keith Oltrogge, 319-984-5292,

Buchanan: Jim Michels, 319-551-2155

Buena Vista: Becky Bryant, 712-213-0598

Calhoun: Deann Haden, 515-576-5519, or Larry Ellis, 712-210-0423,

Carroll: Kent Brant, 712-830-2241,

Cedar: Kas Kelly, 563-260-0869,

Cerro Gordo: Dale and Judy Mills, 641-424-1197 or cell 641-420-9227,

Cherokee: Becky Bryant, 712-213-0598,

Chickasaw: Martha McFarland, 641-229-6701,

Clarke: Ron McBroom/Ginnie Hargis, 515-834-2026,

Clayton: Roger Thomas, H-563-245-1084, C-563-380-8193,

Clinton: Dan and Jolene Witt, 563-212-1307,

Dallas: Brian Vandewater, 515-450-8848

Davis: Sharon and Bill Hardy, 641-680-2427

Decatur: Judi Partridge, 641-344-2237,

Delaware: Jack Smith, 563-599-3061,

Des Moines: Dale and Julie Bartelt, 319-759-0591,

Dubuque: Jack Smith, 563-599-3061,

Emmet: Terrence Jensen, 515-230-8972,

Fayette: Vernon Oakland, 563-423-7122 or Bob Jacobsen, 563-422-1048, email

Floyd: Michael and Rochelle Barrigan, 641-228-3826,

Franklin: Gary Bennett, 641-579-6154

Greene: Mary and Larry Richards, 5l5-386-4750,

Grundy: Rebecca Engelking, 641-366-3150

Guthrie: Kent Brant, 712-830-2241,

Hamilton: Ron Adams, 515-368-1678,

Hancock: Thomas Chizek, 641-430-4456,

Hardin: Ken Starek, 641-847-30l8,

Humboldt: Kurt Weinert, 515-332-4467,

Ida: Don Poggensee, 7l2-364-349l,

Iowa: Bonnie Winslow-Garvin, 319-626-7323,

Jackson: Lori Evilsizer, 563-689-6447,

Jasper: Tyler Wilhelm, 402-525-1833,

Jefferson: Jeffrey Fitz-Randolph, 641-472-7810

Johnson: Wilford Yoder, 319-338-6596,

Jones: David McDonald, 319-389-4437,

Lee: Brian Foecke, 319-470-0329,

Linn: David McDonald, 319-389-4437,

Lucas: Richard Stafford, 641-390-0723,, or Richard Stafford II, 641-203-0620,

Madison: Ron McBroom/Ginnie Hargis, 515-834-2026

Mahaska: The Charles Oldhams, 641-969-4272,

Marion: Rob Vos, 641-628-8396,

Marshall: Rodney J. Hassler, 641-753-3276,

Monroe: Richard Stafford, 641-390-0723,, or Richard Stafford II, 641-203-0620,

Montgomery: The Montgomery County Historical Society, 712-623-2289,

Muscatine: Kas Kelly, 563-263-1777,

O'Brien: Pamela Battaglioli, 712-727-3612,

Osceola: Carrie Jones, 712-832-3227,

Page: Dave Williams, 712-826-8832,

Pocahontas: Terry Ferguson, 712-845-4978,

Polk: Ober Anderson, 515-964-0964,

Pottawattamie: Evan Summy, 712-323-5353,

Poweshiek: Bonnie Winslow-Garvin, 319-626-7323,

Sac: Jack and Jane Hogue, 712-668-4663,

Scott: Susan Frye, 319-936-1216,

Shelby: Linda Heflin, 712-744-3660

Story: Roxanne Mehlisch, 641-487-7690,; or Norma Johnson, 515-707-4428; or Steve Rimathe, 515-290-5258,

Tama: Rodney J. Hassler, 641-753-3276,

Van Buren: Darlene and David McQuoid, 3l9-397-2340

Wapello: David Cobler, 641-777-7202,

Warren: Cheryl Eflink, 641-297-2239,, c=515-229-3906

Washington: Jerry Strabala, 319-461-0829,; or Wilford Yoder, 319-338-6596,

Wayne: Richard Stafford, 641-390-0723,

Webster: Deann Haden, 515-576-5519,

Winneshiek: Marlene Fenstermann, 563-382-3439,

For more information about County Representatives, contact the County Representative Coordinator, Wayne Rimathe, c=515-249-7466 and h=515-228-3019, (email)

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