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Financial Incentives for Restoring Your Barn  (Aug 3, 2015)

The Iowa Barn Foundation is now providing incentives for barn owners to take advantage of tax credits that are available from the federal government and the state of Iowa.

Submitting a nomination to put your barn on the National Register of Historic Places or applying for State Tax Credits can be challenging for many of us, but the financial benefits are significant.  Your barn qualifies for a tax credit of 20% of a renovation project if it is on the National Register.

The State of Iowa offers a 25% tax credit for barns built prior to 1937.  Please visit the State Historical Society of Iowa's website, the State Historical Society of Iowa's website for qualifying details.

For barn owners to get some help in applying for these programs, the Iowa Barn Foundation is offering a cost share program so you can hire consultants to help you work through the process.

The Iowa Barn Foundation will cost share 50 per cent of the cost of the consultant up to $2500.  Interested parties must submit an application to the Iowa Barn Foundation before hiring a consultant.  This application can be obtained from the Iowa Barn Foundation website.

Applicants must hire consultants who have been approved by the Association of Iowa Archaeologists or Preservation Iowa.  Cost share payments will be made after completed National Register Nominations and/ or State Tax Credit applications are submitted to the State Historic Preservation Office.  The Iowa Barn Foundation will allocate a given amount of funds to be used for this incentive program.  Once these funds are utilized, any unfunded cost share applications will be considered after the next funding cycle.

The cost for barn renovations can be high.  To counteract this, the Iowa Barn Foundation encourages you to apply for a matching grant to restore your barn, but also strongly consider taking advantage of the tax credits.  If we put all these preservation advantages together, many more of our Iowa barns will remain proud.

If you have questions about this new program from the IBF, please contact Craig Pfantz at or 641-750-0187.


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