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The Iowa Barn Foundation would like to see every barn and historical agricultural building preserved. Sometimes this is not always possible. Old barns and other structures are sometimes no longer wanted or are too deteriorated to economically repair. Still others collapse due to severe storms, neglect, and the ravages of time. Your old barn can live on, however, when you donate its pieces to other Iowans who are restoring their barns.

We encourage anyone planning to dismantle a barn to carefully reconsider their decision. Each year, over 1000 barns disappear forever from the Iowa landscape. Barns are precious historical buildings that are becoming very scarce in much of the state. In many parts of the midwest, barns that were once a common sight along the highways have disappeared entirely. If at all possible, please do not tear down, dismantle, or sell your barn!

Iowa Barn Foundation members who are restoring their barns are always looking for vintage beams, siding, hardware, cupolas, lightning rods, etc. to help complete their barn restoration project. Your donation of barn materials to these barn owners helps preserve the environment by recycling precious and often irreplaceable materials, and enables your barn to live on, if only in part.

Below is space for you to list your available barn materials. Your listing remains active for six months or until canceled, whichever occurs first. Your listing can be resubmitted after they expire.

For your listing, please provide the following information:

   ⚫ Description of the item you are donating, including dimensions, etc. You may include photographs.

   ⚫ City, state, and county where the item is located.

   ⚫ Your name, e-mail address, and telephone number.

   Submit your information to:
Tom Lawler   319-346-2650


Items Available for Donation:

Please contact the owners directly for more information

No listings at this time.


Other Farming-Related Available for Donation:

No listings at this time.


Items Wanted:

Aug 11, 2016 - Delbert Longley, of Chariton, Iowa 50049, wrote, "I am in need of 2x8x14, 2x8x20/22, 1” flooring to restore my barn." His contact information is 641-203-3804, and

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