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new icon   Sep 20, 2016 - Lynn Fisher, who lives near Keswick, Iowa, would like to donate his barn to someone who will use it to restore their barn. It is an 1860’s barn, wood peg construction. No track as someone removed it. He wants the barn removed so he can have more farm ground. Contact Lynn Fisher at 319-738-3714 or 319-430-2831, or his e-mail is


new icon   Aug 11, 2016 - Delbert Longley, of Chariton, Iowa 50049, wrote, "I am in need of 2x8x14, 2x8x20/22, 1” flooring to restore my barn." His contact information is 641-203-3804, and


Feb 24, 2016 - Mark Handeland contacted us regarding more information regarding barn restoration and maintenance. He wrote, "I am mostly looking to connect with others who have done maintenance on old barns or can give me info about maintaining them." See his message and some photos here.


Aug 29, 2015 - Stone masonry and brick work.  Clayton Stevens says he does stone masonry and brick work, and has done foundations on old barns and restoration work.  His address is 404 N. 8th Ave., Winterset, IA 50273.  Phone number is 515-468-1313, and his email is


Aug 29, 2015 - Move and lift barns and buildings off foundations.  Billy Bell Housemoving moves and lifts barns and buildings off foundations.  They have done some of the Maytag Barns.  His address is 5672 W. 76th St. South, Colfax, IA 50054.  Phone number is 515-994-2513, and email is: --  Website:


Aug 28, 2014 - Help needed to repair barns.  We have received many calls recently requesting help with barn repairs and restoration.  If you know of anyone who can do this work, please email:

Andrea Corcoran   515-326-1232


Jan 22, 2013,  Gordon-Van Tine barns in Iowa
The IBF is still interested in finding out more about Gordon-Van Tine barns that are in Iowa.

Here is just one website about these barns -


Aug 24, 2012
In the early 1900s. the Gordon-Van Tine Company of Davenport, Iowa, sold barn kits to farmers around the county.  Bob Kisken, Wyoming, has been researching the Gordon-Van Tine company and barns.  He has found three in Iowa that are still standing including the Dobbin round barn in State Center, which will be on our all-state barn tour.  Parts for that barn were shipped to State Center from Davenport.  There are also Gordon-Van Tine barns in Hubbard and Sanborn.

If you know where other Van Tine barns are located or if you have information about the Van Tine Company, please send Bob an e-mail,  We hope Bob will write an article for the Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine on Van Tine barns.


Aug 24, 2012
The owner of the Vandewater Barn, Brian Vandewater, submitted photos to accompany the description of his barn listed on the All-State Tour 2012 (Southern Iowa section).  If you have photos, we will consider adding them to your barn's description on this website.  Contact the webmaster by email, Jeffrey Fitz-Randolph,

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