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ISU Horse Barn

(Above) Photos and text about the ISU Barns, by Ken Dunker

Three more photo essays on the IBF website -

Five barns in Van Buren County, southeast Iowa.

Iowa barn photos taken during the 2013 All-State Barn Tour.

A bank barn in Lee County, Iowa.

Links to barns on other websites -

All about the Historic Barns of Iowa State Univ.

Photos by Lavonne House, Barns of Jackson County.

Dale Travis's website of Round Barns and Covered Bridges around the country.

The Ramsey Farm, an historic working farm you can visit at Lesanville, Iowa (Ringgold County).

Slayton Farms - Round Barn, Iowa Falls, Iowa (Hardin County).

Tyden Farm No. 6 Dougherty, Iowa (Cerro Gordo County).

U-Barn in Trimble-Parker Historic District in Bloomfield, Iowa (Davis County)

Episodes from television station websites

From IPTV/PBS Online - Death of the Dream: Farmhouses in the Heartland

A PBS Online "American Experience" production - Troublesome Creek: A Midwestern.

Iowa Public Television has some productions featuring Iowa barns, including Saving Iowa's Barns.

From Wisconsin Public Television - Wisconsin Barns: Stories in Wood and Stone.

Articles about Barns in Iowa

A variety of issues associated with historic barns - The Old House Web.

Sears barns manufactured by the Gordon-Van Tine Company of Davenport, Iowa - The Barn Journal.

From the New York Times - If Barns Could Talk, 06-03-12.

Slide show for above article - If Barns Could Talk, NYT, 06-03-12.

From the New York Times - Vanishing Barns Signal a Changing Iowa, 09-07-2008.

From the NYT Interactive Maps series - Going Down the Road, 09-06-2008.

Iowa Museum Websites

Maasdam Barns

Maasdam Barns Museum in Fairfield, IA
(Jefferson County), three restored barns & museum.

Amana Colonies Barn Museum and Communal Agriculture Museum in South Amana, Iowa (Iowa County)

The Heritage Farm Park incorporates the 1890 Appleman Barn into this historic and recreational area in Clermont, Iowa (Fayette County).

Living History Farms in Des Moines, Iowa (Polk County)

Nelson Pioneer Farm and Museum in Oskaloosa, Iowa (Mahaska County)

Carstens 1880 Farmstead, Shelby, IA (Shelby County)

German Hausbarn in Manning Heritage Park, Manning, IA (Crawford County)

Carrie Chapman Catt Girlhood Home and Museum (Floyd County)

Norman Borlaug Boyhood Farm (Howard County)

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