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Barn Preservation Organizations

Many national, state, and private organizations with Web sites are listed below. If you don't see a barn preservation organization for your state, try contacting your state's historical society. They can often put you in contact with barn preservation groups in your state that are not listed here.

National Trust for Historic Preservation
(Note: the BARN AGAIN! Program is no longer active).

National Park Service, Preservation Brief 20 - Preservation of Historic Barns


Barn Organizations listed by State


Preservation Iowa

State Historical Society of Iowa

Silos & Smokestacks National Heritage Area

Iowa Barn Foundation (this website)


"This website has links to a variety of documents and websites that will assist you with the restoration and preservation of your historic barn." -- Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation: Barn Preservation Guidance


Connecticut's Heritage Gateway

Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

Historic Barns of Connecticut


McHenry County Farm Bureau Barn Association

Illinois Historic Preservation Agency

Illinois State Historical Society


Broesder Barn



Indiana Barn Foundation

Indiana Historical Society


Kansas Barn Alliance, Inc

Kansas State Historical Society


Maine Preservation


Michigan Barn Preservation Network

Historical Society of Michigan


Friends of Minnesota Barns

Minnesota Historical Society

Preservation Alliance of Minnesota


Montana Humanities


Nebraska State Historical Society

Center for rural Affairs (Nebraska)


Nevada Humanities

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Preservation Alliance

New York

New York State Barn Coalition

Newark Valley Historical Society

North Dakota

State Historical Society of North Dakota


OSU Extension's "Barn Again in Ohio" program

Ohio Historical Society

Friends of Ohio Barns

South Dakota

South Dakota State Historical Society


Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation: Barn Preservation Guidance


Wisconsin Barn Preservation Program

Wisconsin Historical Society

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