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Hanson Barn, All-State Barn Tour

In addition to the barn, one may also view the unique architecture of the concrete block corn crib. Often referred to as a Double D crib, it was probably built in the 1930s and the ventilated blocks interlock without mortar. Steel straps wrap around the curved ends to hold everything in place. Ear corn would be stored in each D and a conveyor system would also carry other grains such as oats and soybeans to bins built over the center driveway. One may also visit the hay barn that is pictured in the background. (And scroll down for more photos of the barn.)

Hanson Corn crib. (Photo supplied by owner, Aug 2018)
Hanson Corn crib.
Hanson Barn.
Hanson Barn.
Hanson Barn.
Hanson Barn.

Barn photos by Kenneth Dunker, Sept 25, 2004

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