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2016 All-State Tour (Central Division)
Our 16th year of All-State Barn Tours

2016 All-State Barn Tour, Saturday, Sept 24 and Sunday, Sept 25, 8:30am-5:30pm

Historic restored barns, throughout Iowa, were open to the public during the Iowa Barn Foundation’s free, self-guided, 2016 All-State Barn Tour on Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25 - 8:30am-5:30pm each day.   Scroll down to take the virtual tour.

Kenan crib and barn (Greene County)  Photo by Ken Dunker
Kenan Barn

Most barns on tour have been restored with matching grants from the Iowa Barn Foundation.  Other property owners received awards of distinction from the foundation for restorations they undertook themselves Award of Distinction icon.

Note - Since conditions change, some photos may not show the current state of a particular barn.

Some barns show more photos and/or information by clicking on the underlined text.

The 2016 All-State Tour is divided into
the Western Division, the Central Division, and the Eastern Division:

Tour Map

The Central Division (this page) covers -

Central-North Counties -
Winnebago, Worth, Hancock, Cerro Gordo, Wright, and Franklin.

Central-Center Counties -
Webster, Hamilton, Hardin, Greene, Boone, Story, Marshall, Dallas, Polk, and Jasper.

Central-South Counties -
Madison, Warren, Marion, Union, Clarke, Lucas, Monroe, Ringgold, Decatur, Wayne, and Appanoose.


Counties - Winnebago, Worth, Hancock, Cerro Gordo, Wright, and Franklin.

Yezek barn

Yezek barn,  22881 Vine Avenue, Plymouth (Cerro Gordo County) - From Rock Falls, go one mile north on the county blacktop. Barn is on the east side of the road.  This 32- x 52-foot barn with metal cupola was built in 1930 and is one of the only barns standing in the area.  The barn was in vulnerable condition when the Yezeks started the restoration project.

Tenold barn

Tenold Barn,  4356 Wheelerwood Road (frontage road), Northwood (Worth County) - Barn is 3.5 miles south of Highway 105.  Family farm and barn, built at the turn of the century, is across from what was the town of Tenold, which was on the Iowa map until 1960.   Another photo here.

Hoarce Hendrickson Barn (no photo available),  2035 490th St, Northwood (Worth County) - Go east from Northwood on Highway 105 for five miles. Turn left on S56 to 490th Street. Turn east.  Barn was built in 1894.  Farm was purchased by owner's great-grandfather after arriving from Norway. This was one of five farms he bought - one for each son.

Haugen barn

Haugen barn,  18446 420th Street, Leland (Winnebago County) - Go north out of Leland on US 69 to 420th Street (three miles), then turn right onto 420th (gravel). It is the first place on north side.  Barn was built in 1915.  In 1924 Peter Haugen enlarged it using a handsaw to split the barn in two.  He added to the middle.   Click here to see more.

Chizek Barn (no photo available),  1665 250th Street, Garner (Hancock County) - Go west out of Garner on US 18 to US 69, then turn north on US 69, and go one mile. Then turn left onto 250th St.  Barn built by Albert Chizek, owner's grandfather, in 1942.  It has an open loft area.

[NOTE: Dated 09-12-16 - The Friedow barn will not be ready for this Tour.]
Rory Friedow barn (no photo available),  1680 Ladd Avenue, Kanawha (Hancock County).  Barn was built in 1925 by Floyd Friedow. The family became known internationally for their Poland China hogs. In 1955 they sent breeding stock to a farmer in Cuba via plane and train. The annual Poland China herd sale was held at the farm. The family was also known for their dairy production.

Bennett barn

Bennett barn,  1664 Eagle Avenue, Latimer (Franklin County) - Take I-35 to IA 3. Turn west on IA 3 and go one mile to Eagle Avenue. Turn north and go 2.5 miles.  This handsome clay tile barn, with round laminated rafter roof, was built in 1950 by Henning Construction Company, Latimer, for a dairy herd.  The cow stanchions had drinking cups; there is a chain lift manure carrier.   Another photo here.

Dodd barn

Dodd barn,  1854 40th Street, Ackley (Franklin County) - Travel four miles west of Ackley on IA 57. Turn north on S55 for two miles to 40th Street. Go 1/2-mile west.  Barn was built by Ernest Aldinger, one of three Aldinger brothers who built farms within a mile of each other.   Another photo here.



Counties - Webster, Hamilton, Hardin, Greene, Boone, Story, Marshall, Dallas, Polk, and Jasper.

Thurmond-Adams barn

Award of Distinction icon Thurmond-Adams barn,  201 Evergreen, Williams (Hamilton County) - (South edge of Williams) From D25 (Old 20) south of Williams, turn north on R75. Turn right on 4th, right on Spruce, and right on Evergreen.  Owner recently inherited old tongue and groove barn (36 x 63 feet), with two-inch vertical siding, and two acres from his uncle.  He has made the once sad-looking structure a Williams landmark.  (Award of Distinction).   Click here to see more.

Sparks barn

Sparks barn,  15737 E Avenue, Alden (Hardin County) - Take Alden/Buckeye exit off US 20. Go north to D25, and follow it north, and then west. Turn north onto E Avenue.  "G. Herman, 1923, Dubuque" is painted on west inside wall of this very large barn.


Boriskey Barn,  2115 230th Street, Marshalltown (Marshall County) - At intersection of US 30 and IA 330, go north on IA 330 for 1.3 miles and turn left onto short gravel drive that crosses to county road E41 (230th Street). Turn left again (west) and go 0.7 miles. Barn is on the right (north).  Barn known as "long horse barn on 30" was manufactured by Super Structures, Albert Lea, and built in 1958.  Has laminated curved rafters.  Native lumber in horse stalls.   Click here to see more.

Pfantz barn

Pfantz Barn,  210 4th Avenue NE., State Center (Marshall County) - From US 30, go into State Center. Fourth Street is on north side of railroad tracks. Barn is behind Victorian house.  Unique horse barn was built in 1902 for Craig Pfantz's great-grandfather, well-known horse broker.  The barn has such unique features as handmade screens and a milk cellar.  Note the balloon rafters.   Click here to see more.

Dobbin barn

Award of Distinction icon Dobbin round barn,  2551 Brown Avenue, State Center (Marshall County) - From State Center, go west one mile to Cooper Avenue (S52), and turn south. Turn right (west) onto 255th St, then left onto Brown Ave.  The 1917 barn was a pre-cut structure designed and made to order by Gordon Van Tine, Davenport, for $6000.  Carpenters like Ike Ingersol and Amos Thompson assembled the numbered pieces into the 65-foot diameter barn with silo in the middle.  (Award of Distinction).   Click here to see more.

Buck barn

Buck barn,  1271 285th Street, State Center (Marshall County - From State Center, go west one mile to Cooper Avenue (S52). Go 4.5 miles south to 285th Street. Turn left on gravel. Barn is at first place on left.  Barn is an example of how a potential tear-down can be turned into a jewel.  It has a wonderful cupola.   Click here to see more.

Hanson barn

Hanson barn,  11590 N. 87th Av. W., Mingo (Jasper County) - At the junction of US 65, IA 330, and IA 117, continue northeast on IA 330. Go one mile to F17 and turn east for 0.4 of a mile to W. 122nd St. N., and turn right. Go 0.4 of a mile to 87th Av. W and turn left. The barn is a little over 0.7 of a mile on the left side of the road.  Barn was built in 1907 with wood from older barn demolished by a tornado.  Pegged barn was built by Elmer Haley and the Hansons.   Click here to see more.

Mulcahy barn

Mulcahy Farm,  25623 710th Ave, Colo (Story County) - Take the new US 30 eastward from the intersection with US 65. Turn south onto 710th Street.  Barn is on the west side of 710th St.  This barn, part of a lovely farmstead, was built in 1885 for horses.  Barn is on National Register.   Read more about this barn here.

Handsaker barn

Handsaker barn,  65627 200th, Fernald (Story County) - Barn is immediately southeast of Fernald, which is off E29 west of US 65, north of Colo.  Large, unique 1875 square barn is on farm purchased by Handsakers in 1853.  Family gave land for Fernald.  Click here to see more.

Twedt barn

Twedt barn,  63645 160th Street, Nevada (Story County) - From junction of E41 (Old Highway 30) and S14 in Nevada, go north on S14 six miles to 160th Street. Turn east onto 160th St, then go 1.5 miles.  This barn has 40 two-ply laminate rafters to support its rounded roof so the hayloft is free of posts and beams.  Farm was once owned by Hoyt Sherman, brother of the Civil War general.  This is an example of how a small barn can highlight a farm.  Click here to see more.

Rimathe barn

Rimathe Barn,  51349 Highway 210, Slater (Story County) - It's the first farm east of Slater on IA Highway 210.  This 30x50 foot barn has been used and beloved by the family since it was built in 1929 by the owner's uncle.  The barn was in tough shape after a tornado, but owner, Wayne Rimathe, at great effort, recently restored it.  Click here to read more of the story.

Uetz barn

Robert & Carla Uetz Barn,  2011 180th St at U Avenue, Boone (Boone County) - From US 30, take IA 17 north for five miles (curves and stop signs).  Turn right at 180th Street and go east one mile.  Barn built by William Smalley, well-known Boone County farmer.  Original buildings include chicken house where family lived in the beginning.   Another photo here.

Oakdale barn

Oakdale Farm/Grave of Farceur,  787 210th Street, Ogden (Boone County) - From Ogden go north on P70 for one mile to 210th Street, then turn right (east). The barn is on the left (north) side of 210th St.  The barn, where Farceur, the world-famous Belgian was buried in 1921, is one of Iowa's hidden treasures.  C.G. Good bought 12-year-old Farceur, the San Francisco World's Fair champion, for $47,000 in 1915.  The horse was a service stud, and, to this day, Farceur's name is on pedigrees of Belgians.  Following a European custom, Good buried the horse in the stall of the stud barn-standing up.  Click here to see more.

Kenan barn

Kenan Barn,  2260 270th Street, Rippey (Greene County) - From Rippey go two miles north on P46. Then go one-fourth mile west on 270th Street.  This brick barn, built in the late 1800s, has a matching corn crib.  Barn has the original rope pulley and forks.  Click here to see more.

Peters barn

Peters Barn,  19077 H Avenue, Perry (Dallas County) - From the intersection of P58 and IA 141, Perry, go south on P58 to 190th Street and turn right (west), then turn left (south) onto H ave.  Henry and Florence Spintig purchased farm about 1903.  The main buildings on the home site were present at that time.  The barn has been used for farming by the same family since 1934.  The barn is interesting because it has cut out squares incorporated into the beams.   Another photo here.

Purviance barn

Purviance barn,  21501 H Avenue, Minburn (Dallas County) - From the intersection of P58 and F31, go west for two miles, then turn south onto H Avenue, and go 1/2 mile to the first farm on the west side of the road. (The intersection of P58 and F31 is south of Perry and west of Minburn).  Local craftsmen built this historic family farm in 1913 for Robert Purviance, prominent Dallas County farmer.  The house and two barns are original.  Click here to see more.



Counties - Madison, Warren, Marion, Union, Clarke, Lucas, Monroe, Ringgold, Decatur, Wayne, and Appanoose.

McBroom-Hargis barn

McBroom-Hargis barn,  1218 Highway 169, Winterset (Madison County) - Barn is five miles south of I-80 (Adel, De Soto, Winterset exit), on US 169.  Article in Madison County paper (1884) discussed this barn, "It would be the largest barn in this part of the county."  It has a wooden track, post and beam, pegs and was designed by I.F. Carter of De Soto.  Click here to see more.

Gillespie barn

Gillespie Barn,  1257 Highway 92, Winterset (Madison County).  Barn was built in 1874 by W.W. George.  The property has been in the same family since 1870.  It is located on Old Bluff Road which carried early settlers to Council Bluffs.   Another photo here.

Redman barn

Redman barn,  2034 205th Avenue, Osceola (Clarke County) - From I-35 in Osceola, take US 34 west 2.5 miles, then turn south onto 205th Ave.  Barn was built in 1916 and has been owned by two different families.  Click here to see more.

Kosman barn

Kosman barn,  10611 240th Avenue, Weldon (Decatur County) - From Osceola, take US 69 south 10 miles to Clarke-Decatur Street (J12). Turn east and go one mile to first gravel road (240th St). Turn south - barn is second house on the west side (right).  Barn, built in 1907, was the scene of large barn dances.  Barn has always been used for horses and cows.  Click here to see more.

new icon   Kala Leeper barn (no photo available),  21566 Pony Farm Road, Leon (Decatur County) - From Leon, go east on IA 2 for about 5 miles. Turn left (north) onto R58.  Barn is known as pony barn. Site of Fashion Club Pony Farms. Horses from the farm were featured in the Spiegel catalogues. Gene Harris, Leon native, who moved to Chicago, owned the farms. He was known as "Cowpuncher". Barn was built between 1910 and 1918, by Bud Sims. The redwood used for the foundation was pre-cut and sent from the Northwest. The loft barn held 146 tons of hay. His partner was Dr. Wayne Munn, president of the American Shetland Pony Club and chairman of Herd Registration Committee of American Guernsey Association.


Partridge barn,  32086 252th Street, Lineville (Decatur County) - From I-35, go east on IA 2 to Leon and continue another eight miles east of Leon to the intersection of IA 2 and County Road R69 (Woodland Road). Turn right onto Woodland Road and go 5.5 miles to 252nd Street (which is about a mile south of the old Woodland Town site at the intersection of J46). Turn left (east) onto 252th Street (the first left south of Woodland), and the barn is 1/4 mile down the road on the north side.  Barn (56x32) built in 1930 by William Massey who wanted the largest and fanciest barn in the area.  It was built prior to the Depression, and he lost the farm.  Blocks delivered by train from Lineville.  From there it was 10 miles by horse and wagon.  Barn is in beautiful area.  Click here for a map and photos.

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