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Koschmeder Wooden Silo

Koschmeder Wooden Silo (New for 2023), 2513 220th St, Readlyn (Bremer County)

The wooden silo, constructed in 1939, was made by The Independent Silo Company in St. Paul, Minnesota.  The “Triple Wall Silo” was extremely durable and frost resistant.  The inner wall is 2×6 heart stock Redwood staves, tongue and grooved and beveled to conform to the curve of the silo.   The middle wall is a heavy waterproof silafelt layer.  The outer wall is heart stock Redwood siding with special end-lock joint.  The silo is one of the last free standing wooden silos in Iowa, and the owners gave it a new metal roof and a fresh coat of paint in 2022 to ensure it will stand for years to come.   (Award of Distinction)

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