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Stephens Barn

Stephens Barn, 1461 28th Avenue, Pleasantville (Marion County) – Located 2 miles West of County Rd S45, between McKimber St and Neveda St, it is the only farm on 28th Ave.

The farm was inherited by Cora Shadle and her son, Harold Webb Shadle, on November 22, 1938.  Webb Shadle passed away in 1946 and Cora passed away in 1953.  The Shadle family were business owners and members of many civic and philanthropic organizations in Pleasantville and were instrumental in the growth of the City.  It is estimated that the 30’ X 40’ barn was built between 1880 and 1910.  Due to its small size, originally it was used for horses and hay storage.  We have been told that this barn had many uses and housed different farm animals throughout the years.  Several of the original sill and support beams had deteriorated to the point that the barn needed to be braced to prevent collapse of the NW corner before restoration.  The restoration included replacement of all the exterior siding with Douglas Fir milled and delivered from Idaho.  During the restorations process, we uncovered several original door and window openings as well as hay doors that have been re-opened.  The Interior work included replacing floorboards in the NW portion of the hay mow.  The barn is currently used for 2 horses and hay storage.

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