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Jason Zabokrsky, Troy Mills, wrote:

"Barns symbolize the agricultural heritage of those who founded the state of Iowa. That agricultural heritage is synonymous with important values. These values include dedication to hard work, honesty, integrity, family, and community...

...As barns are destroyed a valuable part of our heritage is also lost. If Iowans lost these historic barns from the landscape, one may posit that Iowans will begin to lose sight of the important values of hard work, honesty, integrity, family, and community which they represent."

Welcome to the Iowa Barn Foundation
18 Years of Working To Preserve Iowa's Barns


new icon   2015 All State Barn Tour, Saturday, Sept 26, and Sunday, Sept 27, 2015.

  Historic restored barns, throughout Iowa, will be open to the public during the Iowa Barn Foundation's free, two-day, self-guided, 2015 All-State Barn Tour.  Tour details here.


   2015 Spring Barn Tour was held Saturday, June 13, and Sunday, June 14, 2015.

  The tour featured barns in Black Hawk, Butler, Grundy, Hardin and Bremer Counties.  Details here.
    See Thomas Lawler's Report here.


new icon   "Barns: Icons of Our Agricultural Past."  This article about Dubuque Area barns appeared in the July 2015 issue of Julien's Journal.

new icon   VOLUNTEERS needed for the Iowa State Fair, August 13 thru August 23.  See Contact Us page.


REMINDER - The Iowa Barn Foundation has initiated a program to highlight and preserve small barns in Iowa with the Small Barn Painting Project.  IBF members can get 40-percent off on Vogel Paints.

View a video from a WHO-TV newscast. WHO-TV presented a 5-minute feature about restoration of area barns made possible by the Iowa Barn Foundation, on their 10 o'clock newscast, May 20, 2014.

Barns, America's symbols of honesty, integrity, and the American dream, are disappearing from Iowa's countryside at a rapid rate.  With mechanized agriculture of today, barns are no longer the center of the farm.

Gribble Barn

But, they remain poignant reminders of our agricultural heritage.

Founded in 1997, the Iowa Barn Foundation, an all-volunteer, all-state organization, is dedicated to preserving Iowa's rural agricultural buildings.  The Iowa Barn Foundation is an Iowa non-profit corporation with tax-exempt status under paragraph 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

The primary mission of the Iowa Barn Foundation is to educate the public about the significance and importance of Iowa's barns through the Iowa Barn Foundation Magazine and barn tours.  It raises money to provide barn rehabilitation or restoration matching grants to help property owners restore their barns.

In addition, property owners who use their own funds to restore or rehabilitate barns that would otherwise qualify for a matching grant are eligible to receive an Iowa Barn Foundation Award of DistinctionAward of Distinction icon.  Take a look at some of the restored barns that have been featured on the 2001-2013 IBF Barn Tours.

The Iowa Barn Foundation, in keeping with its mission to preserve Iowa's agricultural heritage, accepts economically and financially self-sustaining farms and farmland.  Through the foundation's farm conservancy, these farms and farmland are saved in perpetuity for agricultural purposes according to the owner's wishes.

We need your help to preserve Iowa's barns!  All of the funds to rehabilitate and restore Iowa's barns come solely from private donations.  Make a donation or become a member of the Iowa Barn Foundation today!

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Preservation Alerts

(Watch this space for news about historic barns and other important agricultural buildings in Iowa that desperately need your help).

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