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2016 All-State Tour (Western Division)
Our 16th year of All-State Barn Tours

2016 All-State Barn Tour, Saturday, Sept 24 and Sunday, Sept 25, 8:30am-5:30pm

Historic restored barns, throughout Iowa, were open to the public during the Iowa Barn Foundation’s free, self-guided, 2016 All-State Barn Tour on Saturday, September 24 and Sunday, September 25 - 8:30am-5:30pm each day.   Scroll down to take the virtual tour.

Heflin barn (Shelby County)  Photo by Ken Dunker
Heflin Barn

Most barns on tour have been restored with matching grants from the Iowa Barn Foundation.  Other property owners received awards of distinction from the foundation for restorations they undertook themselves Award of Distinction icon.

Note - Since conditions change, some photos may not show the current state of a particular barn.

Some barns show more photos and/or information by clicking on the underlined text.

The 2016 All-State Tour is divided into
the Western Division, the Central Division, and the Eastern Division:

Tour Map

The Western Division (this page) covers -

West-North Counties -
Lyon, Osceola, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth, Sioux, Obrien, Clay, Palo Alto, Plymouth, Cherokee, Buena Vista, Pocahontas, and Humboldt.

West-Center Counties -
Woodbury, Ida, Sac, Calhoun, Monona, Crawford, Carroll, Harrison, Shelby, Audubon, and Guthie.

West-South Counties -
Pottawattamie, Cass, Adair, Mills, Montgomery, Adams, Fremont, Page, and Taylor.


Counties - Lyon, Osceola, Dickinson, Emmet, Kossuth, Sioux, Obrien, Clay, Palo Alto, Plymouth, Cherokee, Buena Vista, Pocahontas, and Humboldt.

Ackerman barn

Ackerman barn,  6357 Hwy 9 Ocheyedan (Osceola County) - One-half mile north of Ocheyedan on corner of L58 and IA 9.  On the Todd and Susan Ackerman farm are barn and smaller "matching" hog house built between 1915 and 1918.  The barn is 84x36-feet; the hog house is 56x24-feet.  At one time two Russian carpenters lived in the haymow of the hog house.   Another photo here.

Lorch barn

Lorch Mennonite barn,  6810 220th SE, Harris (Osceola County) - A34 (220th Street) and M18 (White Avenue).  This magnificent Mennonite barn was built in 1889 and has a distinctive overhanging side.   Another photo here.

Ascherl barn

Ascherl barn,  4680 McKinley, Granville (O'Brien/Sioux Counties) - From Granville, go one mile east on IA 10 and a half mile south on gravel. Barn is on east side of road.  This landmark barn was built in 1914 by Mr. Diers from Germantown.   Another photo here.

Battaglioli barn

Battaglioli barn,  4819 480th Street, Granville (O'Brien County) - From Granville, take IA 10 east two miles. Turn south on Monroe and drive two miles to 480th Street. Then travel east one quarter of a mile.  This distinguished barn highlights an area.   Another photo here.

Johnson barn

Johnson barn,  6610 460th Street, Sutherland (O'Brien County) - From Sutherland, travel one mile north on County Road M12, and turn right onto 460th Street.  Barn was built about 1920 for John Adams, a dairy farmer.  It has a footprint of over 2000 square feet.  Twin cupolas and horse weathervanes are original.  Arched rafters had to be hoisted in place with pulleys and horse power.  This allowed for access to the loft without support poles.  Click here to see more.

Ferguson barn

Ferguson barn,  40415 130th Avenue, Laurens (Pocahontas County) - Barn is 3.75 miles straight north of Laurens at 40415 130th Avenue.  Barn and landmark "conehead" crib were built in 1912.  Elevator still works.  More of the corn crib, and interior.

Hansen barn

Hansen Barn,  4015-340th Avenue, Ruthven. (Clay County) - Take N18 four miles south of Ruthven.  One-of-a-kind landmark corncrib, built in 1940's, holds 7000 bushels of ear corn and 4000 bushels of small grain.  In middle of crib is a bucket system that transports ear corn to the top of the corncrib and releases it into multiple outlets.  Grandfather of owner died when owner's father was 18 and he had to take over farm.

Dreyer barn

Dreyer barn,  102 310th Street, Fenton (Kossuth County) - From the south side of Fenton, turn west on County Road B19. Go 3/4-mile west to second place on south side of road.  Barn was built in 1903 and used as dairy barn until 1944.  There is a 1000-gallon wooden water storage tank in hayloft.  Manure unloading system is intact.  Click here to see more.

Jensen Barn

new icon   Award of Distinction icon Jensen barn,  2311 580th Ave, Ringsted (Emmet County) - Three miles East of Ringsted, then turn north onto 580th Ave and go 3/4 mile. The barn is on the west side of 580th Ave. The barn is in Emmet County but across the road from Kossuth County. Directions from Fenton, Iowa: On IA 15 go north. After IA 15 curves west, turn right onto 580th Ave.  Jens Jensen built this large brick barn near Ringsted in 1936.  He built his 41-foot-tall clay block barn close to the road, making it a local landmark.  Leroy Jensen is the fourth generation to own the barn.  It has a sliding door for putting in hay, and a litter carrier for removing manure.  Now it is used for storage.  Click here to see more.  (Award of Distinction)

Dreyer barn

Harvey barn4516 190th Street, Estherville (Emmet County)-Take IA 9 through Gruver. Turn south on N40. Go two miles. Turn east 3/4-mile.  Farm was homesteaded in 1899.  Dan Harvey's great grandparents built the barn in 1927.



Counties - Woodbury, Ida, Sac, Calhoun, Monona, Crawford, Carroll, Harrison, Shelby, Audubon, and Guthie.

Conover barn

Award of Distinction icon Conover barn,  5315 190th Street, Holstein (Ida County) - From Holstein travel 1.5 mile west on US 20. Turn south on L67 and go three miles. Turn left on 190th. It is the first place on north side of road.  Barn was built around 1900 and used by C.B. Conover and his son, C.B., Jr., for their outstanding Belgian draft horses.  Harry Linn, Iowa's secretary of agriculture, gave draft horse demonstrations here.  (Award of Distinction).   Another photo here.

Clancy barn

Clancy Barn,  1866 Marengo, Pomeroy (Calhoun County) - At the intersection of IA 4 and IA 7.  The barn was built in 1948 by Lee and Maureen Olson, along with local carpenter George Julifs.  Maureen and Lee put pieces of the barn together in the machine shed prior to erection of the building.  In 1962 the farm was purchased by Leo and Geraldine Clancy of Pomeroy.  Geraldine and Maureen Olson were sisters.  Leo Clancy was one of the charter members of the Iowa Charolais Association, formed in 1961.  Leo also served as the Charolais superintendent at the Iowa State Fair for 25 years.   Click here to see more.

Ellis barn

Ellis barn,  2370 Fletcher Avenue, Lytton (Calhoun County) - The barn is three miles east and 2.5 miles north of Lytton.  Landmark red barn, used to raise Red Rock Arabians, is called the "big red barn" by locals. It was built in 1918 and is 40 feet high to the eaves.  It has 3x12-inch timbers.   Another photo here.

Owens barn

Owens Family Farm,  3747 Jennings Avenue, Lake City (Calhoun County) - On the east side of N41, two miles south of Lake City.  The large barn was built in 1958 by William Owens for his Angus cattle, corn, and soybeans.  Once, after a storm, he increased the size a bit.  The windows are original.  The band, In Rooms, will play from 2-4 p.m. on Saturday.

Renze barn

Renze barn,  22695 Highway 71, Carroll (Carroll County) - Three miles west of Carroll on US 71.  Farm was known as "Old Mattes Place."  Interesting landmark barn.   Another photo here.


Sextro barn

Sextro Crib,  12708 280th St, Manning (Carroll County) - From Carroll, eight miles west on US 30, nine miles south on M68, one-fourth miles west.  Landmark corn crib was built early 1900s.  One of the oldest cribs in the area.   Another photo here.

Wooster barn

Wooster barn,  2435 2100th Street, Manning (Shelby County) - From Irwin, take the highway east five miles; turn north on gravel for one mile and turn east for 3/4-miles. From Manning, go seven miles south on Airport Road on the west side of town. Turn west for 1.75 miles.  Mr. Wooster's grandfather built this barn in 1896.  It has always been used in the family farming operation and still is.   Click here to see more.

Heflin barn

Heflin barn,  837 Orange Road, Harlan (Shelby County) - From the intersection of US 59 and IA 44, go four miles east on IA 44 to Orange road. Then go 1.25 miles south. Farm is on the east side of the road.  Once there were several of these unique barns in the area, but this is the only one remaining.  The barn, built in 1901, is 40x36 feet.  It has been used by four generations of Heflins.   Click here to see more.

Finken barn

[NOTE: Dated 09-05-16 - The Finken barn will not be on this Tour due to illness.]
Finken barn,  3005 335th Street, Logan (Harrison County) - Take I-80 west to I-680 and get off at Exit 21 (Beebeetown and L34). Go north on L34, then turn east onto F66 and go 1.5 miles.  Land has been in family since 1892; barn was built in 1917.  Roof has laminated rafters which were raised into place with gin pole and horses.  Each rafter is five boards thick bolted together and cut in curved shape.  Barn was in tear-down condition when it was restored.   Another photo here.

Hinderaker barn

Hinderaker barn,  2698 Jaguar Trail, Guthrie Center (Guthrie County) - From Guthrie Center, go west on IA 44 for three miles. Turn left on Jaguar Trail and go 4.5 miles south.  The original barn was built at the turn of the century.  It burned down in 1931, and the present barn was built.   Another photo here.



Counties - Pottawattamie, Cass, Adair, Mills, Montgomery, Adams, Fremont, Page, and Taylor.


Vandewater barn (Meadow Brook Farm),  3100 270th Street, Orient (Adair County) - Between Greenfield and Winterset, take Vinton Avenue (P39) south of IA 92 to 270th Street (G53) and turn right (west).  Go one mile west of Hebron Methodist Church.  Barn was built by Henry Vandewater in 1911 and has been in the family since.  It has notched beams, pegs, mortise and tendon joints and a memorable wooden cupola.   Click here to see more.

Photo below taken by Brian Vandewater.  He says. "On Memorial Day weekend, storm warnings were out...a few minutes later we got this interesting panoramic photo of clouds rolling over the barn."  Vandewater barn (Meadow Brook Farm), Orient, Iowa

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