2019 Spring Barn Tour

2019 Spring Barn Tour - Iowa Barn Foundation

Spring Barn Tour (2019) by Iowa Barn Foundation

Spring Tour (Eastern Iowa), held on June 22 & 23, 2019

Historic barns, including a round barn, in Dubuque and southern Clayton County, and some of the most scenic countryside in Iowa, were featured on the annual spring Iowa Barn Foundation area tour from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

The scenic tour was free and opened to the public. A highlight was a lunch on Saturday at the glorious Jack and Maria Smith barn, 20922 Asbury Road, Durango, which was built in 1917 and has remained in the same family. See details on our IBF Magazine webpage, the Smith Family Barn story.

Spring Tour Update - Some 150 barn-loving folks enjoyed barbecue and German potato salad at tables in the upstairs of the 1917 Jack and Maria Smith barn during the tour of 12 Dubuque County barns. The tour attracted several hundred visitors from Wisconsin, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, Illinois, and as far away as Maryland. Some folks, like the Intvelds of Hull, drove to Dubuque from the far corners of Iowa. They made a weekend getting to know that picturesque area of Iowa.

Jack Smith, Dubuque IBF county representative, spent months orchestrating the tour.

Jack Smith Barn
Photo Credit above: Cathy Cremer Rhomberg

Jack Smith Barn
Picnic, June 22, 2019

Jack Smith Barn
Picnic, June 22, 2019

Directions: From Bankston, go a half-mile north on Park Road, then three miles east on Asbury Road to 20922 Asbury Road.

This barn is an Iowa landmark barn, is still beloved, always has been, and is still in use.

Jack Smith, Dubuque Iowa County representative, spent months putting this special tour together. His wife, Maria, Brian and Lisa Willenbring helped.

Interior of Jack Smith Barn
Interior of Jack Smith Barn. Photo Credit: David Kettering

Barns on the 2019 Spring Barn Tour

Dubuque County including the Epworth and Dyersville areas-

Kennedy Barn
Kennedy Barn

The Marty Kennedy barn was built in 1912. The site was a stagecoach stop on the Olde Hawkeye Road in the late 1800s. Olde Hawkeye Road became the route for US 20 through Dubuque county making it a historically significant part of America’s longest highway. Be sure to enjoy Marty’s herd of Buffalo while visiting his barn!

Directions: Marty Kennedy Barn, 25219 Old Highway Road (one mile east of Farley on Old Highway Road).


Lansing Barn
Lansing Barn photo

The Lansing Barn in Dyersville was built by the Lansing Family in the early 1900’s. They farmed there until Hollywood wanted the farm for the movie, Field of Dreams.

Directions: Lansing Barn (Field of Dreams barn), 28995 Lansing Road, Dyersville.


Becker Barn
Becker Barn

The Jude Becker farm in Dyersville. It is believed the barn was originally built about 1865 from logs taken from White Pine Hollow. The barn was built by Jude’s family. The barn was used primarily for horses until 1940 then housed beef cattle. Jude’s father used it as a woodworking shop and today it houses much of his impressive work.

Directions: Jude Becker Barn, 15346 Becker Lane, Dyersville. Take Highway 136 north of Dyersville. Turn right on Floyd Road and left on Becker Lane.


Boge Barn
Boge Barn

Don Boge Farm, Dyersville. A visit to this historic family farm will be a step-back in Iowa farming history with Don Boge who is dedicated to history. He has purposely kept original buildings including the barn, which was built in the 1800s. It's sort of an authentic farm museum.

Directions: Boge Barn, 28573 Lansing Road, Dyersville.


McAuliffle Barn
McAuliffle Barn photo

Joe and Sharon McAuliffle barn was built in the 1920s. It was previously owned by the Waechter family.

Directions: McAuliffle barn, 21739 Old Highway Road, Epworth (one mile east of Epworth).


Steger Barn
Steger Barn photo

Robert and Lillian Steger Barn was built in 1908 as a horse barn and later converted to a dairy barn. Relatives of Robert built the barn and Robert and Lillian were able to purchase the farm in 1970 after renting it for 11 years.

Directions: Steger Barn, 2013 332nd (Cnty Rd X49), Dyersville (west of Dyersville, one mile north of old US 20 on X49).


Lassance Barns
Lassance Barn photos

Lassance Barn photo

The Lassance family have two barns on their farm. They were both built in the early 1900s. They are located on historic Millville Road which follows the Little Maquoketa River. Several gristmills and sawmills operated on the river in the mid to late 1800s. The Millville School district building was located west of the intersection of Gun Club and Millville roads along with a church.

Directions: Lassance barns, 22675 Millville Road, Epworth. Take Gun Club Road north of Epworth for 3 miles, turn left onto Millville Road.


Clayton County, Millville area-

Friedlein Barn
Friedlein Barn photo

Louis Friedlein Round Barn was designed by the owner's grandfather and built in 1916. It is 72 feet in diameter and has unique metal vertical siding. It has an unusual dome roof, a cupola with an aerator, and a central silo. It is on the National Register of Historic Places. Because the barn is still in use as a cattle barn, you can drive by, stop, and take photos of the barn; but do not go inside.

Directions: The Friedlein Round Barn is 0.9 miles north of Millville on US Route 52. The barn is on the west side of Route 52.


Jake Smith Barn
Jake Smith Barn

Jake Smith barn, a family farm, is on the picturesque Turkey River. Jake’s Grandfather, Leroy Washendorf, bought the farm in 1972. He will be on hand the day of the tour to visit with.

Directions: Jake Smith barn, 37940 Great River Road. Go south of Millville on US 52, then watch for Cassville Ferry sign, and turn left onto Great River Road (County Rd C9Y). First farm on right.


Stanton Barn
Stanton Barn photo

Eric Stanton barn, Eric purchased this farm 8 years ago and lives there with his wife, Harriett and children, Oliver and Hugo. The farm setting is gorgeous.

Directions: Stanton Barn, 37395 Cherry Valley Road. South of Millville on US 52, turn left (east) onto Cherry Valley Road.


Anderegg Barn
Anderegg Barn photo

Steve and Connie Anderegg have two barns on site. One was moved there in 1982. There is also a Spring House at the farm. Cherry Hollow is rich in Native American history of which Steve is very knowledgeable.

Directions: Anderegg barn, 38001 Cherry Valley Road. South of Millville on US 52, turn left (east) onto Cherry Valley Road. Then turn right onto their long driveway.

More photos of these barns on the Spring Tour, from Dave Austin. Click here for his Google Photos display.

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