Spring Tour, Iowa City Area Tour - June 2012

Click here to see a photo essay of some of the barns on this Tour.

Unique and historic barns in the Iowa City area were viewed on the Iowa Barn Foundation's self-guided spring tour June 23 and 24, 2012, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Among the barns on tour were an octagon barn, Pennsylvania style barn, monitor style barn, and a barn with three gable ends.  Barns with various roofs were included:  Dutch gambrel, New England gambrel, gable on hip, pent, and modified hip  Amish and Amana barns were included.

The purpose of the tour was to encourage the preservation of barns, symbols of hard work, honesty, and the American Dream.  Wilford Yoder, Iowa City photographer and barn expert, organized the tour for the Iowa Barn Foundation.  He is the group's representative for Johnson and Iowa Counties.

On Saturday, June 23, Hills Bank, 131 Main Street, Hills, was open from 8 to 9 a.m. where photographs of Johnson County barns by Yoder could be viewed in the bank's conference room.  Yoder was available to answer questions about the area's barns.  About 150 people attended.

The barns on this Tour:   Click on a photo to enlarge it


Roberts Barn

Roberts Barn.  Over 300 visitors viewed this barn  ->>>>




Ostrem Barn.  Over 300 visitors.


R. Altmaier 1885 Barn

Altmaier Barn.  Over 275 visitors viewed this barn  ->>>>




Sleichter/Rhodes Barn.  About 150 visitors.


Johnson County Home Barn.  Visitor information not available.


Gough Barn

Gough Barn.  Over 200 visitors viewed this barn  ->>>>




Winborn Barn.  About 150 visitors.


Miller Barn

Miller Barn.  Over 275 visitors viewed this barn  ->>>>




Brenneman Barn.  About 150 visitors.


McNutt Barn

McNutt Barn.  Over 200 visitors viewed this barn  ->>>>




Pooley Barn.  About 150 visitors viewed this barn


Amana Barns.  Visitor information not available.

      Horse Barn, West Amana

      Sheep Barn, South Amana

      Horse Barn, Main Amana

      Cow Barn, High Amana

McNutt Barn photos by Wilford Yoder

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