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Heritage on the Prairie Coffee Table Book


The “Heritage on the Prairie” hardcover coffee table book by the Iowa Barn Foundation will be cherished by the recipient. The book starts with a historical essay on the functions and importance of barns in Iowa written by Ober J. Anderson. It also includes a 65 page pictorial tour of Iowa’s barns including the addresses of many barns that have received restoration grants from the Iowa Barn Foundation.  

An excerpt from the introduction essay:

“For over 300 years, from 1650 to 1950, the American all-purpose barn, usually the most prominent building on a farm, was the center of hard work focused on making a livelihood from raising crops and animals. So important was the barn that it was often built before the house. Sometimes the family lived in the barn until the house was built.”

“It is important that Iowans save historic barns. They offer us a sense of place as a “Cathedral on the Prairie.” 

“Fortunately, for barn enthusiasts and historians, many farmers are willing to ignore profitability in the interest of tradition and heritage to maintain their barns heritage. The photographers, editor, writer, and assistants who contributed to this book were all volunteers dedicated to saving important symbols of Iowa’s agricultural heritage.”

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